1. “Trim the Fat”

This past February I was contacted by Cat Marino and Rob Moschetti (of PRO-PAIN fame) in the hopes of contracting me to animate a music video. In two months I managed to storyboard, illustrate, and animate a 4-minute video for Rob’s current band, The Pain Method. You can check out a version of that video, which I finished in early April. The video will be officially released this summer by Eclipse Records based out of New York.

2. Gathox Vertical Slum

Last September, DIY RPG Productions released my old school science fantasy campaign setting, Gathox Vertical Slum. The book is a culmination of two and a half years of playtesting, writing, editing, and illustration, and was designed for use with the Swords & Wizardry White Box rulebook as well as many other sets of classic RPG rules. Gathox has been submitted in the category of ‘Best Setting’ for the 2018 ENnies. You can check out the book on DriveThruRPG below.

Cover for Gathox Vertical Slum.